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Why a Stairlift?

Why a Stairlift?

Why not? Why struggle with your stairs and feel limited in your own home, when a stairlift can give you or a loved one back their freedom & independence.

Our range of stairlifts are designed to be easy to use, and all incorporate the very best in design, British engineering, and safety features.

Like many of our other customers worldwide, you'll wonder why you hadn't chosen one of our stairlifts sooner.

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  • FastTrack means minimum install waiting times
  • Stairlifts that fit to the stairs, not the wall - no structural changes needed
  • DC power means smooth, quiet operation and the stairlift will even keep going in a blackout
  • Affordable, installed fast and built to last
  • Make your life easier and regain your freedom
  • Discover the Acorn Stairlifts Promise
  • 12-month New Zealand Warranty
  • Rapid stairlift installation available

Myths About Stairlifts

  • Our improved manufacturing processes and buying direct from the manufacturer make Acorn stairlifts more affordable than ever.
  • Our stairlifts fit to the stairs not the wall so there's no additional work needed. We always try to use an existing power socket but you will need a power socket dedicated to the stairlift, so in some cases an electrician is required to fit one.
  • You will be surprised at just how quiet our stairlifts are. Acorn's precisely manufactured rack and pinion drive mechanism provides exceptional levels of safety and amongst the smoothest & quietest system available. Running costs are low - just trickle charging a battery. Our on-demand technology means they only charge when they need to.
  • Every 9 minutes an Acorn Stairlift is installed somewhere in the world, with most customers wishing they had bought one earlier. Stairlifts have never been so popular. Let your Acorn Stairlift take the strain of the stairs, while giving you the freedom to enjoy life to the full.

Must have features to look for

Paddle joystick control on the stairlifts arm

Simple controls

The controls of our stairlifts have been tested by the Arthritis Foundation and awarded with the industry leading Ease-of-Use Commendation.
A small digital screen that shows error codes in two digits of any faults that may occur.

Error code screen

Shows the status of the stairlift with a simple clear LED display.

Obstruction sensors that stop the stairlift if it hits something.

Safety sensors that surround the stairlifts carriage

If the stairlift collides with an obstruction sensors around the carriage and foot rest stop the stairlift safely.

Obstruction sensors that stop the stairlift if it hits something.

Swivel seat for easier access

The lockable swivel seat makes it easier and safer to get in and out of the stairlift at the top of the stairs.

Why choose Acorn Stairlifts in New Zealand?

  • Our own highly skilled surveyors and installers service almost all of New Zealand. All our dealers, in more remote areas, are fully trained and certified.
  • FastTrack rail technology means industry leading installation times.
  • A solution for most stairs - even the most complicated.
  • Over 20 years stairlift experience & 100,000+ installations world-wide.
  • Simple to use, low cost to run.
  • All-year-round support.
  • Fully licensed (where required) and Workcover accredited. QBCC Act Lic. No 1142127.

What our customers say

My knees just did not have the strength in them to function without considerable pain. Just to get myself up stairs was an effort and to consider carrying something additional with me had become almost impossible. Now we have an Acorn chair lift and my life has taken on a new dimension. I do not have any where near the pain that I had previously experienced. 

Mrs Williamson - Pauanui, Waikato

Mrs Williamson, Pauanui, Waikato

It is such an easy to operate system, comfortable and reliable and always at the ready to transport me. To be honest, I wish I had made the decision to install one earlier. The management and staff at Acorn Stairlifts were extremely helpful to deal with and the installation taken care of hassle free. Their attention to detail and service was excellent.

Mrs. Reeve - Auckland

Mrs. Reeve, Auckland

We are very happy with our Acorn Stairlifts. They have made a big difference to my Mother. They are very easy to use and look great. Everybody at Acorn has been friendly, helpful and easy to deal with. We are pleased we made this decision.

Mr Andy Newport - Oriental Bay, Wellington

Mr Andy Newport, Oriental Bay, Wellington

I had an operation for my knees and the stairlift helps me get up from the garage to the house. It’s very smooth and efficient and I would happily recommend Acorn and a stairlift to anyone in my position.

Mr Ian McGregor - Matua, Tauranga

Mr Ian McGregor, Matua, Tauranga

Acorn’s Service was very good and it was installed expertly and efficiently. It has enabled our daughter to go upstairs in our house and living how she should be, with our family.

Mr Lloyd Thomas - Devonport, Auckland

Mr Lloyd Thomas, Devonport, Auckland

Mr Mokomoko stated that he is very happy with it and since it was installed they have 100% fulfilment from it. His wife who is 69yrs old and his 95yr old mother in law use it.

Mrs Fay Mokomoko - Te Atatu South, Auckland

Mrs Fay Mokomoko, Te Atatu South, Auckland

I couldn’t negotiate down to my studio before the stairlift was installed, and now I have regained my access. The stairlift has worked really well for me to allow me to work.

Mr Jack Lloyd Jones - Whangarei, Northland

Mr Jack Lloyd Jones, Whangarei, Northland

What's the Ease-of-Use Commendation?

Ease-of-Use Stairlift Commendation

All Acorn Stairlifts have been designed from the ground up with ease of use and reliability in front of mind.

We understand that it is our core business interest to help our customers use their stairs again. We spent a lot of time speaking with our customers, getting their feedback on our product. We compiled the good and the bad and put together an action plan on how to better improve our product.

Ease-of-Use Program

The Arthritis Foundation created the Ease-of-Use Program to encourage manufacturers to design user-friendly products and packaging that could be recommended to the millions of people living with arthritis.

The process begins with the manufacturer submitting a product to the Arthritis Foundation for an extensive scientific evaluation. The sole purpose of this evaluation is to determine, quite simply, how easy to use a given product is for people with arthritis. The testing process is as follows:

  • When a product's submitted for test it gets evaluated under fail or pass conditions. These are set out according to product type. An example would be opening a lid on a medicine bottle or using the controls of a household kettle.
  • An assessment then takes place simulating use by a person who has Arthritis to simulate use. This even extends to the opening of packaging from the initial purchase where applicable.
  • Finally, a panel of eight testers who have moderate to severe arthritis are evaluated for torque, grip and endurance, muscle strength, pinch force and range of motion. They are asked to interact with the product as they normally would, they get to open and use the product, use its controls and following this an interview takes place by the group of scientists feedback is gathered in a real-world setting.

The scientists evaluation for the Arthritis foundation included the following:

A montage of Acorn Stairlift easy to use features: Swivel Seat, Paddle Controls, Seatbelt and Folding Footrest.

What did this mean for us as a company?

At the moment we are the only stairlift company to have been accredited with this award.

This commendation confirms that we are a pioneer in the industry, that we are always striving to stay ahead, and to help our customers by providing the absolute best solution for their needs. The commendation endorses our mission statement to become the Best Stairlift Company in the World.

Which Acorn Stairlifts are covered?

Both the Acorn 130 Straight Stairlift plus the Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift have been scientifically tested receiving the Ease-of-Use Commendation.

Any other stairlifts on the market with this?

Our stairlifts at the moment are the only ones to be given this award. At Acorn we constantly strive to improve our products as a direct manufacturer of stairlifts we are always looking at ways of how we can improve user experience and customer satisfaction.

Want to know more about the Arthritis Foundation?

For further details on the Ease-of-Use Commendation and the Arthritis Foundation, click here