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Over 20 years knowledge and experience

Our New Zealand office is located in Auckland with a regional network of stairlift surveyors and engineers.

Join the thousands of people who have benefited from our stairlifts worldwide. We are a global, family owned company established in 1992. We have over 1200 employees worldwide.

We specialise in making stairlifts, stylish, easy to use and affordable. We assemble and export all our stairlifts from our United Kingdom factories to locations all over the world.

One of our stairlifts is installed every 9 mins somewhere in the world.

The stairlift production line at our United Kingdom factory
All awarded with the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation
The only stairlifts to be awarded the prestigious Ease-of-Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation.
FastTrack® stairlift install system means fast install
FastTrack® system simple, fast way to have a stairlift installed with no need to make a custom rail.
An Acorn stairlift is installed every 9 minutes throughout the world
Acorn Stairlifts are popular installed all over the world every 9 minutes helping people regain their stairs

What our customers say

My knees just did not have the strength in them to function without considerable pain. Just to get myself up stairs was an effort and to consider carrying something additional with me had become almost impossible. Now we have an Acorn chair lift and my life has taken on a new dimension. I do not have any where near the pain that I had previously experienced. 

Mrs Williamson - Pauanui, Waikato

Mrs Williamson, Pauanui, Waikato

It is such an easy to operate system, comfortable and reliable and always at the ready to transport me. To be honest, I wish I had made the decision to install one earlier. The management and staff at Acorn Stairlifts were extremely helpful to deal with and the installation taken care of hassle free. Their attention to detail and service was excellent.

Mrs. Reeve - Auckland

Mrs. Reeve, Auckland

We are very happy with our Acorn Stairlifts. They have made a big difference to my Mother. They are very easy to use and look great. Everybody at Acorn has been friendly, helpful and easy to deal with. We are pleased we made this decision.

Mr Andy Newport - Oriental Bay, Wellington

Mr Andy Newport, Oriental Bay, Wellington

I had an operation for my knees and the stairlift helps me get up from the garage to the house. It’s very smooth and efficient and I would happily recommend Acorn and a stairlift to anyone in my position.

Mr Ian McGregor - Matua, Tauranga

Mr Ian McGregor, Matua, Tauranga

Acorn’s Service was very good and it was installed expertly and efficiently. It has enabled our daughter to go upstairs in our house and living how she should be, with our family.

Mr Lloyd Thomas - Devonport, Auckland

Mr Lloyd Thomas, Devonport, Auckland

Mr Mokomoko stated that he is very happy with it and since it was installed they have 100% fulfilment from it. His wife who is 69yrs old and his 95yr old mother in law use it.

Mrs Fay Mokomoko - Te Atatu South, Auckland

Mrs Fay Mokomoko, Te Atatu South, Auckland

I couldn’t negotiate down to my studio before the stairlift was installed, and now I have regained my access. The stairlift has worked really well for me to allow me to work.

Mr Jack Lloyd Jones - Whangarei, Northland

Mr Jack Lloyd Jones, Whangarei, Northland